Storage in Your Home: Making Use of Every Space

How to maximise the space in your home

No matter how neat and tidy you try to keep your home, sometimes there just comes a point where there is not enough space to store everything you own! If this is one of your biggest problems right now, take a look at some of our nifty storage solutions ideas that might just lead to you finding the nooks and crannies that are being under-utilised in your home.

Your home probably has loads of undiscovered potential storage space that you just aren’t aware of at the moment and maximising these opportunities could be the key to your calm and collection home environment. So whether you go bespoke or use shop bought furniture, we’ve identified the 4 places where you’re going to find this elusive storage space.


Storage SolutionsAnywhere that’s got an ‘under’ can (and should) be used for storage. We’ve seen everything from skirting board drawers to under sofa pull outs so it’s worth taking the time to assess in which room most of your un-storable items are emanating from and looking at what ‘unders’ you could make use of in there. Drawers, drawers, drawers are the key to utilising the ‘under’ space. For more bed storage ideas, click here.


Storage SolutionsWe tend to forget about the potential storage opportunities above our natural eye level but there are so many opportunities up there. Whether you’ve got beams that could be used to store books or cabinets with space left in between the ceiling, if you look at the top of your rooms, you’re sure to find some extra space.

‘Above’ storage requires some strategic thinking however, as most of us are not tall enough to reach our ceilings without some help. With this in mind, ‘above’ storage is all about the lesser used items; wedding crystal, blankets and throws in summer, ice cream machines, the list is endless. You might want to also intersperse storage boxes/units with ornaments to keep the room looking stylish as well as useful.


Inside StorageThink of all the space your furniture takes up…now think of all the space inside that furniture that’s not being used to its full potential. Window seats, beds… walls – they can all be hollowed out and used for storage! The window seat that doubles up as storage is not a new idea but it is still very effective, even if you don’t currently have a window seat, perhaps consider installing one because they really can hide a multitude of untidy sins.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a spare room in which to set up your chic home office and can’t quite convince your kids to share a bedroom you might want to consider converting a built in wardrobe or spare (non-structural) wall into a fold down office– all you need is a fold up chair, some shelves and an open mind.


stair storageWe’ve saved the best for last because stairs are the holy grail of utilised storage space and you are guaranteed to be able to make your stair storage better.

There are three main areas in which you can improve stair storage. The first is the obvious, and perhaps already used, under stair space. You might already have an under stairs cupboard or furniture in place so if this is the case, take a step back and look at where the gaps are – more than likely, there’s lots of stuff in the floor space but as you look up, you can see free wall space. Have a think about how you can use that space at the top – is it a case of commissioning a bespoke under-stair unit so that everything has a place and there’s a place for everything or is it a simple case of installing some clever shelving?

The second area that’s probably being under utilised is the wall space – instead of just having pictures lining the stairs, why not also have some interesting shelving or shallow cabinets to house your little trinkets? Just make sure they don’t jut out too far in case you bang a head or a shoulder on the way up!

The third ingenious area is that of the stairs themselves; there’s been a wave of stair drawers taking over the Pinterest-verse recently and now they’re starting to trickle down into everyday homes. Think of all that space in which you can stores shoes, blankets, dog leads, muddy wellies,anoraks, bike helmets, books, toolkits, cleaning products…just everything that is creating clutter in your home. If you really are short on space, this is a fantastic investment, not only will it serve your needs well but is also a fantastic feature when trying to sell your property.

In the end, upping your storage game is all about using the unused spaces. So next time you’ve got a minute, just look around some of the more cluttered areas in your home and think, how can I use this space better?

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