How To Build Brick Patio Steps

Brick Patio StepsYour patio is only as practical as the steps leading to this special spot for relaxation and entertainment. You can build steps from brick, wood or stone. Brick is the most universally used median because it is sturdy and goes well with any style deck. For a temporary solution, you can dry stack brick but for a more permanent you must choose to do the task yourself or hire a contractor.

Building more permanent brick steps requires a few basic tools and supplies. The do-it-yourselfer benefits because the construction of brick steps is a pretty simple step-by-step exercise that can have long-lasting enjoyment to your patio.

Follow These Steps

Measure The Height – Measure the height of the patio to determine the length of the steps and the amount of land you will need to excavate. A sound rise is between 15 and 25 cm. Most bricks have 7.5 cm thickness. If the rise will be 22.5 cm, divide the step height by that figure to determine the number of steps you will need. Multiply the number of steps by 25 cm to know the depth of the tread.

Choose The Width And Excavate – You will have to select the width of the steps and the depth of the steps to know the size of the area to be excavated. Now it is time to bring pout your wheelbarrow and spade and excavate the step site. Empty excavated spoil into the wheelbarrow and dispose. The depth should be one metre for standard steps.

Level The Hole – Use a soil tamper to level the bottom of the excavated area. Use a level to ensure the site is completely level. By tamping the soil you will create a packed soil base, which is the goal.

Apply Crushed Stone – Fill the excavated area with crushed stone. The stone should be solid and level with the ground surface. Use the tamper to make sure the stone is firmly in place.

Clean Wheelbarrow – Rinse and clean the wheel barrow until it is free from all residue. The wheelbarrow will serve as your mixer for your ready-mix mortar. Empty the bag into the wheelbarrow and mix according to instructions with water.

Lay First Course – Lay the first course of bricks on the crushed stones. Using a trowel, apply the mortar mix to the inside surface of each brick to ensure that each brick stays in pace as laid. Use a jointer tool to smooth the joints between bricks.

Build – Apply two more layers. Build two more layers in the same fashion. After the first three layers, move inward towards the house 25 cm to build the first step spread. Apply three smaller layers of bricks over the first three layers to create the first step in the set.

Repeat – Repeat this technique until you reach the top of the patio.

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