Mirrors: Making Your Home’s Interior Bigger

Creating Space

It’s a well-known adage that ‘mirrors make rooms like bigger’ but the question really is… how? Simply having a mirror anywhere in your interior isn’t going to instantly have that effect, it’s all about strategic placement so here are our best tips for using mirrors to make your interior look and feel bigger.

Thin Rooms

Mirrors in the HomeFor thin rooms, turn a long skinny mirror on its side and hang at eye level. This creates the illusion of a wider room and immediately draws your attention upwards, away from the limited floor space.

This example really show the variety of styles this simple trick can lend itself to.

You can go for a statement antique look such as the above or you could opt for a purely utilitarian option such as the hallway example – whatever your style, make use of this nifty tip because it’ll definitely add feet of room to your… room!

Short Rooms

Floor MirrorsFor short rooms, use floor length mirrors that are taller than they are wide to give the illusion of height. If you don’t have a completely free wall on which to prop the mirror, place it behind some furniture such as an armchair or a side table, so that the length can still be seen but it’s not so dominating.

The example (right) of the two floor length mirrors side by side creates a really visually appealing symmetry and clearly correlates nicely with the two French windows that can be seen in the mirrors’ reflections. The mirror propped behind the sofa is also a great example of how floor length mirrors can be used to enhance the size and space in a room without dominating it.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored FurnitureMirrored furniture can visually take up less space than they actually take up, making them a big advantage when decorating a small room.

For instance, a mirrored coffee table will make a sofa area look a lot less crowded than a wooden one.

The example (right) show the versatility of mirrored furniture and how it’s not all in the style of the side table above which is the style most people think of when they think ‘mirrored furniture’. The subtlety of the mirrors built into the cabinet doors in the other example, reflect light into a fairly dark room, giving the space some breathability and also the illusion of more space.

The kitchen is not a room usually associated with mirrors however, small kitchens especially can really benefit from a few strategically placed looking glasses. First of all, using a mirror behind the stove will help to elongate a kitchen. While using mirrors for the splashback will also have the same effect and help to distribute light further around the room. Mirrored cabinets will also help the room to feel lighter and brighter.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen MirrorThe example right showing the mirror behind the oven makes the room look twice as big because the mirror doesn’t look like a mirror at all – it looks like a window into a next door room; this is mirror trickery at its finest and is definitely a trick to be utilised in a small kitchen!

Similarly, the mirrored splashback has much the same effect but also enhances the design element of this kitchen, adding to the clean, sharp aesthetics.

Using windows and mirrors together is a guaranteed way to brighten and enlarge your room.

If you’re limited on windows, try faking one using tiled mirrors to create the subtle illusion of a panelled window – this is especially effective when hung opposite a real window. Hanging mirrors opposite windows is a great tactic because it reflects more light into the room while also giving another view of the outside world.

Like Windows

MirrorsThe example right shows you can take this tip literally and design a mirror to look like a window such as the turquoise room has done or you can be a bit subtler and follow the lead of the brown room where the mirror is referencing the tiled styles of windows without copying the style exactly.

All in all, mirrors are pretty handy to have around the place – both to admire your beauteous reflections as well as changing the dimensions of your interiors, so remember these few simple tips and you’ll be living beyond your space in no time!

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