Ideas For Your Extension

multifold2Throughout the UK, the home extension is being embraced with fresh enthusiasm. Economical, affordable, efficient and ultimately valuable, the home extension is a popular proposition. The goals of most home extensions are to add light and space, and to make the residence feel more inviting. When these goals are accomplished, the value of the residence inevitably increases by more than the cost of the extension.

Today, the insulation properties of the windows and doors, ceilings and floors makes it especially appealing to consider an extension that is proven to use a responsible amount of energy. This is a primary consideration. However, extensions are also a reflection of the changing dynamic of the British household, where the kitchen has become the “living area” and centrepiece of the home.

Here are five possible uses for your Home Extension:

Kitchen Extension – Probably the most common extension serves as an add-on to the existing kitchen. Homeowners realise that the family wants to cook and eat together. Arguably, the old layout with the kitchen in the back of the home with the dining room separate doesn’t work anymore. By installing a counter with stools and open seating and dining areas behind the counter, a real “family room” can been created. The chef can participate in family discussions, children can do their homework and casual dining can take place at the counter or at a dining room table. An extension sometimes offers this much-needed space.

Bringing Outdoors Inside – A great way to extend your gardening enjoyment is by adding a room that allows residents and guests to enjoy the comfort of the inside while soaking in the natural beauty of your landscape and gardens throughout the year. With today’s thermally advanced glass doors and windows, the passionate gardener can have the best of both worlds. By using interior glass doors to access the extension, the light will brighten the existing rooms as well.

Party Room – Does your home need a larger room in which you and your family can entertain groups of friends and enjoy games and other activities? A open home extension with an open and bright ceiling will give you the space you need to hold a great social occasion. You can use our bifold doors to open up interior rooms to the new extension, as well as opening the extension up to the garden – perfect for BBQs and summer gatherings.

Let Your Garden Grow Inside – Just like the old fashioned orangery, with your new home extension, you can bring your plants inside and give them the care they need all winter long. Orangeries are affordable and will brighten up the home year round plus the avid gardener can enjoy their hobby and fragrances regardless of the weather outside.

The Master Bedroom Suite – A master bedroom and en suite will add great value to your residence. If feasible, you can also add a balcony or sliding doors to overlook the grounds / garden. Imagine waking up to the beauty of your garden every day. Master bedroom suites are becoming more popular, and if the batch has a Jacuzzi and walk-in shower, all the better. Contemplating and planning your home extension can be a fun and exciting experience. It is certainly much easier to add an extension than to move home, and if put forward in a responsible and correct way, planning permission can usually be obtained.

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