10 Kitchen Design Trend From 2013

In 2013 we saw a fresh wave of different kitchen design trends and as we start a new year we think it’s nice to reminisce on some of the fashionable kitchen ideas that swept across the UK.

1. ColourKitchen

2013 brought colour back into our lives as the neutral gloss of white faded from our kitchen’s and home’s. Relaxed, country-style kitchen units were splashed with oranges, reds, lemon and limes. When it came to colour, anything goes, with a particular focus on pastel shades like sage and pale blue that added a fresher feel to the kitchen. Using kitchen appliances, units and/or walls to host a colourful focal point many used grey as a background to their colourful splash which helped to tone down the brighter and more eccentric colours. Colour-coordination was key here, tying the kitchen together and making the entire look more fluid.

2. Added Storage

We saw a great deal of movable units last year, with people choosing autonomy and space over fixed furniture. The movable units allowed us to change the layout of our kitchen whenever we felt necessary and the freestanding nature of the furniture meant we could place baskets and further storage underneath and within them. Another added bonus is the ability to add to freestanding units over time. Another comeback was the dresser, which seemed to lose its ‘old-fashioned’ tag with a fresh gloss of paint to modernise it.

3. Budget

2013 was heavily dictated by budget, and people really became creative with their ways of renovating without spending too much money. It was more favourable for kitchens to have new doors, surfaces and worktops on old units than to replace the entire lot and this change allowed a fresh mixed feel to enter the home.

4. Accessorising

Accessories in the kitchen took a huge leap in sales in 2013 with wooden accessories appearing to be the favourite. Eco-friendly appliances also appeared to be important here. Botany entered the kitchen with many homes featuring plants, hanging baskets and miniature trees.

5. Combinations

As mentioned before, budgeting led to a mixture of feels within the kitchen. This concept was further followed through with the use of different textures and finishes in the kitchen. This was achieved through the use of stained wood and paint, a blend of different materials such as granite and woodwork and the contrast of dark floorboards and light worktop units.

6. Streamlined Kitchens

Sleek, streamlined kitchens became popular in 2013, especially in regards to kitchen units. This look created fluidity and the illusion of space as kitchen appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, ovens and hobs becoming integrated into the units. This integration created a more solid, contemporary feel in the kitchen.

7. Showing Off Your Kitchenware

Whilst on one hand we were hiding away all of our cooking appliances, on the other hand we seemed desperate to show off our kitchenware! 2013 brought us open shelving, bringing kitchenware into part of the overall design. We displayed our glasses, pots, pans and cutlery happily and some even went as far as to colour coordinate these pieces to bring them together with the entire tone of the kitchen.

8. Splashbacks Hit Back

Splashbacks have always featured in kitchens due to their incredible usefulness and necessity. The difference last year was in the colour, instead of letting splashbacks sink into the background we brought them forward with bright and clear primary colours as well as some eye catching designs.

9. Designating Areas

Kitchen’s became ‘command base’s’ in 2013. We had an area for everything, from tech stations for cooking and baking to island units that brought the whole family into the room. This style is very on-trend, fluid and ergonomic.

10. Kitchen Wall Murals

Finally, tying in with the concept of colour, we saw wall stickers and murals crept into the kitchen in 2013. Adding an extra splash of colour with an image was trendy, as was throwing a dash of personality with bold text. This theme was especially good for large open-plan kitchens.

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