How Do I Design My Shop? The Importance of Good Retail Design

Designing a Retail Outlet Interior

Retail Interior DesignThe environment inside a retail store can have a massive impact on shoppers’ behaviours and spending habits. Your products can be amazing, but if they are not displayed correctly, in the right space and light, with the right temperature and alongside the best branding, you may not have the success you deserve.

Here, we look at some of the most important things to consider when you’re designing or re-designing your retail interior.


Space is one of the first things to consider when designing your retail interior. Firstly, you need enough space so that customers can enter the premises and browse in comfort. However, you also need to ensure that you allow for enough display space to showcase the products that you want to sell.

If you are opening a store in a large city, there will often be a limitation on space. This is where intelligent space saving can make the difference.


Light can have a massive impact on the behaviour of shoppers, and has a proven effect on the human brain in general. You also need to ensure that your staff are happy and productive. Allowing for plenty of natural light in the premises keeps them functioning well throughout the day.

If it isn’t possible to bring in plenty of natural light, try installing lighting that resembles it. Avoiding ultra-bright and offensive lighting is of paramount importance, so try LEDs or warm and soft lighting tones. Plenty of mirrors and transparent surfaces will allow the light to flow through the store, illuminating what you’ve got to sell and ensuring your customers and staff have a pleasant experience.


If you are looking to create the perfect atmosphere in a high-end store, it is essential to pull out all the stops in your furniture. For jewellers, bespoke cabinets can give your store a unique feel, and desktops and counters need to be up-to-scratch to complete the look and showcase your products.


The interior of your retail outlet must reflect your company’s brand and image. A strong brand which customers can relate to will encourage them to spend money in your store. This is even more relevant when they can trust you and your brand to deliver what they expect. If your customers have a positive shopping experience, they will talk about you and if your brand is recognisable then they will remember your name.

Ventilation & Temperature

Buildings need to breathe, so air conditioning is essential in spaces of all sizes. Nobody likes a stuffy room, and people are less likely to spend time somewhere uncomfortable. Making sure that there is effective air flow is essential – either through open windows or through air conditioning. People are proven to spend more time in temperatures that are pleasant and comfortable, and the longer they spend in your store, the more chance you have to convert them into a sale.

Other Considerations

There are also some other important considerations when designing the layout of a shop interior. Unfortunately, crime is always a consideration in retail, and if possible you should design your shop to help prevent shoplifting. You can never eradicate the risk completely as there will always be those who want to try – but you can take all necessary precautions to ensure that it is difficult to attempt.

As we already discussed, furniture is important – and if you are displaying high value goods, you need reinforced glass and ultra-strong cabinetry to deter potential criminals. You can also ensure that your entrance has enough space to install detectors or house a security guard for opening times.

You must also remember to meet fire regulations, which is something that can be tricky.

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