The Benefits of the Contemporary Conservatory

veranda-covservatoryAs technology improves, more and more innovative conservatory designs are dotting the UK landscape. We like our multi-purpose conservatories and, for the most part, we like them bright and open; in some cases open to the outdoors.

The new-age glass and glazing processes have increased our desire to add or convert space for conservatories. And, UK designers are warm to the task of creative designs that add important living space to the residence. We will continue to witness small courtyards and walled Victorian gardens being transformed in the coming years as homeowners pursue bright, open living areas that bring the outside into the house.

With the advances in glass manufacture and in new glazing techniques, glass is a terrific alternative to conventional wall construction. And, the room that benefits most from improvements in glass manufacture is the conservatory.

Types of Conservatory Design

From Gothic and Edwardian designs to highly contemporary designs, no two conservatories are exactly the same. There are factors to consider such as budget, amount of available space and use. Designers approach most conservatory designs with the idea that the room will become the focal point of the home, where guests are entertained, where students and adults lounge and where everyone that enters the room is impressed by the picturesque landscape.

Another environmentally friendly combination that has become popular in the UK is the timber, glass combination. Designs use this combination to create open, high and airy space. Typically, three sides are full glass panels or glass multi-fold doors. These doors are often used as the wall that abuts the home, thus brightening up the home’s interior living space.

These multi-fold glass doors are great. The invite family and friends into the room and they are energy efficient. Indeed, these doors have better insulation values than many of the solid walls in UK homes.

Most of today’s conservatories deploy new glazing that includes the use of silicone and other materials as the glazing agent. The use of the glazing gives conservatories the frameless construction and even glass beams. If you are getting the idea that today’s conservatories are like nothing before them, you are correct.

There are two primary styles of conservatory design into which other sub-styles are incorporated.     

Contemporary Design and Classical conservatory design constitute the two broad-based design scheme marketplace. If you are considering a new conservatory, your design will fall into one of these two categories.

Contemporary designs makes use of walls of glass, glass ceiling, peaked ceilings and arched ceilings. With structural glazing, over-sized double glazing units, flat or glazing, and other exciting impact design possibilities become possible.

Veranda Design – One style conservatory design is called Veranda. “This innovative design takes the stylish look of an Anglian conservatory and extends its roof to provide a sheltered area for sitting on those variable sunny days.” If you enclose the area with glass doors, the area can be opened up on those beautiful day and closed when less desirable weather sets in. These designs usually incorporate a combination of glass walls and brick walls and are not as flamboyant or expensive as other designs. This design was recently featured on Channel 5’s gardening programme Garden-ER. This is a classic conservatory design.

Harmony Designs – This design is considered a contemporary design. This design is described as combining “two or more conservatories to create one fantastic, purpose-designed structure that perfectly harmonises with your home. For instance, we can build two Regency or perhaps two Edwardian conservatories side by side to create a really generously proportioned room that will become a superb focal point for your home and garden.” In combining these previously existing “dead spaces” the homeowner is bound to be delighted with the openness and brightness the whole home will enjoy.

Whatever design you select, be sure to make use of glass panes, bifold doors where appropriate, and the newest glazing techniques. Your family and friends will thank you!

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