Interior Design Trends For 2014

Interior DesignAs 2013 winds down, we will see some pretty dramatic changes in interior design in 2014. These changes will be influenced by a number of different factors. As always, when it comes to design, subtle change is in the air.

Where we will most notice change will be in colour, texture and accessories. It is impossible to apply design to residences and not accommodate the amazing technology and use of this technology by British families. Today’s designers must bring the traditional elements of design together with the functional realities of computer and entertainment technology.

New Colour Trends

In 2013, bright, bold colours were used by many designers. Bright pinks and oranges were very much in vogue. Finding these colours difficult to work with, many UK homeowners chose not to use these brilliant pinks and oranges. Expect designers to continue promoting oranges and pinks into early 2014 but look for subtle changes as the year unfolds.

Yellow seems to be the overwhelming trend for next year. Yellow is easy to match and can be comfortably paired with a host of colours including taupe, grey and sand. If yellow is too bright or too heavy, it can be blinding. In most cases, pairing is recommended.

Other expected popular colours in 2014 will be Teal blue. Spa blue is the perfect complement but with teal blue, professional and do-it-yourselfers designers find the colour is compatible with many different colours.

A surprising choice for 2014 will be Khaki, the popular choice for organic schemes. Khaki is stable and can be paired with a full palate of choices, including: cognac, black, frown, sage greens and water blue. The stronger the pairing selection, the brighter Khaki seems.

Designers suggest being careful with red. Although popular on the runway, red can be challenging in the home. Bright reds will not be favored in 2014 but toned down, darker reds like apple red can work when paired with a medium blue or butterscotch.

Pattern Trends

For three years, fabric and furniture has been accented with strong geometric patterns. In 2014, expect a shift to softer, more classic patterns. Floral patterns will come back with strength as homeowners and designers look to soften steep angles.

Another trend will be the return of floral pillow. These will be used to soften the 2013 strong geometric patterns. Designers expect high demand for white sofas and floral pillows accompanied by rug with a floral design.


Homeowners and designers are aware of the different feel textures offer. The trend for 2014 will favour soft textures and fabrics that are soft to the touch. Texture will be used to make the home look and feel inviting.

Expect the see warm woods, soft comfortable fabrics, textured tiles and other natural elements that add dimension. Finished surfaces will be as smooth as the fabrics. These qualities will transcend the living areas and settle in bathrooms as well.


Designers will be encouraging clients to tell their story through their home. Accessories will include family photos, vacation photos and memorabilia, things that might be quirky but that tell something about the family.

If you have story, tell it with your accessories. Family members and guests take great comfort in these items and nothing says welcome more than the personal touch.

Tips to Add Colour

  • Textiles – Choose three patterns that work well together but make sure the match does not go overboard. Adding a pop of colour to textiles goes a long way to brightening up the room.
  • Frames – Don’t underestimate the effect that coloured frames or mattes bring to a room. Consider a couple options.
  • Wallpaper the back of the bookcases – By adding cheery wallpaper to the back of your bookcase, the bookcase becomes a colourful focal point and can make that heavy bookcase look a lot lighter.
  • Paint your furniture – By painting a piece of furniture you might not otherwise use, you can bring it back to life and lighten up your room at the same time.
  • Colourful accessories – By selecting the right art and lamps, you can brighten up a room and continue accenting your lighter, brighter colours.

2014 promises to be an exciting and uplifting year for home design. Brighter and softer, the emphasis on home design will be to make the home more inviting to family and friends.

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