Does Your Landscape Plan Have The Right Hardscape Plan?

Getting the Right Hardscape

Garden HardscapeWhen planning your garden design, it is only natural to think about the materials and plants you will use to ensure the natural beauty of your vision and efforts. After all, the beauty of healthy, natural plants is unparalleled.

However, most professional garden designers would caution you to ensure that you consider a few other factors than what will grow in your garden. Of course, soil is a major consideration. Ensuring superlative drainage is another major consideration.

Design Your Hardscape First

However, one of the most essential considerations should be your hardscape plan and the infrastructure that will make or break your garden design. Indeed, a sound hardscape design will provide adequate drainage, keep your soil contained and fresh and even ensure proper sunlight that your plants need to thrive.

There are few things more frustrating for a gardener or landscaper than fighting a bad hardscape design and installation. Another way to look at it is that it is relatively easy to design and install the hardscape prior to starting the garden but very difficult to work without a hardscape plan once the garden is started. It is a lot easier and a lot more cost effective to get your hardscape in place prior to your planting than after.

Let Hardscape Be The Garden’s Foundation

Hardscape is the physical foundation for your new garden. It will house and drain your plants. If you do not establish a good hardscape plan, you will put in much more effort to achieve a risky result. Garden designers will assure you that your hardscape plan is at least as important as your selection of natural materials.

In addition to the functionality boost hardscape brings to the garden, there are also aesthetic amenities that can boost the appearance and accessibility of the garden. There are few things more appealing than a winding garden path, or a stunning patio.

The sound of water running into a pond is one more sense that your hardscape can ignite. Of course, you must consider the garden shed as a possible hardscape add-on, especially if you are a keen gardener. Your hardscape plan should incorporate snags that will attract then correct blend of insects to help the garden flourish.

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