Re-modelling your Bathroom

wet roomConvenience and modernisation are not the only reasons to remodel a household bathroom. In today’s housing market, a new bathroom can increase the value of your property whilst giving it more appeal to potential buyers.

At the same time, remodeling a bathroom can be a big undertaking. To effectively redesign a bathroom, the homeowner should develop a plan, must understand all the options and must set a manageable budget.

If you are performing minor modifications, do not cut corners on materials and goods that are not specifically designed for use in the bathroom. Bathroom fixtures, tiles, wall coverings and cabinetry must be resistant to moisture and steam. These are not areas where it is prudent to try to save money.

Some Interesting Points To Consider

Floor Tiles – The bigger the tiles are, the less grout is required. Light colored floor tiles brighten up the bath area and make the area feel fresh all the time. If you want the room to look bigger than it is, consider using a diagonal pattern for your floor tiles.

Wall Tiles – Most of today’s baths feature wall tiles and paint. Bathroom wallpaper tends to house mold and does not always hold up well in steam. Wall tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. Glazed tiles are very easy to clean.

Heated Floor – Underfloor heating is a very popular option. This is one add-on that definitely adds value to the home. For the do-it-yourselfer, it might be wise to consider a professional installer for this particular element of the remodel.

Toilets – If you are reconfiguring your space and relocating the toilet, you will most likely want to employ the services of a professional plumber. This will involve making alterations to the internal piping systems and may require new shutoffs. Moving a toilet or changing the toilet type is an important job that can have bad effects if the installation isn’t up to scratch!

Showers – There are many terrific shower, shower-bath and wet room options on the market. If you want to change your shower, the first thing you must do is find the right product and get an installation price. Think about the hardware and do not cut corners. The right hardware will add value to your investment. Again, replacing a shower with a modern alternative is a task for an experienced plumbing installer. Installed correctly, this investment will hold its value very well over time.


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