Infrared Camera And Envision Software For Heat Loss Detection

Energy Efficient BuildingInfrared Camera And Envision Software For Heat Loss Detection

Environmental expert Ray Langford says that energy performance in buildings can be best tracked by infrared thermographic surveys. Given that one of the criticisms relative to environmental design expectations is performance inconsistencies, Langford’s proposition may lend necessary credentialing to environmental design and performance.

The advantage of infrared thermographic surveys is that they tell the designer where they are presently and what needs to be done to improve the building’s energy performance. Like other manmade products such as cars, residences and buildings should be subjected to periodic performance reviews. An environmental-energy check-up can improve the property’s performance.

Infrared Energy Into Electronic Signals

Infrared thermographic surveys convert the infrared energy into an electronic signal via non-contact infrared camera that produces a thermal images showing all areas where the structure is losing heat. Another advantage of the infrared camera is that it has the capability to quantify the amount of heat loss.

Prior to the use of these cameras, the process of detecting the heat and energy loss would involve retaining the services of expensive analysts. These technicians would drill holes, lift surfaces and evaluate the sub-structure. This is time consuming, expensive and now unnecessary.

Langford’s Envision Software

Ray Langford’s company has developed a software called Envision. The software enables the quantifiable data regarding heat loss to be registered. Additionally, unlike other imaging, Envision allows CO2 documentation. All this data can be used to better understand a building’s financial losses caused by heat and energy loss. In terms of return on investment, the software is a substantial improvement over other  conventional methods of analysis.

The infrared camera with can also be used to identify and record structural defects. These defects can be caused over time, thus making the need for regular structural inspections even more important and much less expensive.

Wear And Tear

The camera can pick up such wear and tear defects as erosion of mortar joints or problems caused by erosion bred by excessive rainwater and inadequate drainage. These conditions can cause lost income form lost rents or expensive renovations later.

Using this technology,  the infrared camera allows the surveyor to assess the quality and magnitude of roofing problems, foundation problems and insulation problems. Major expenditures can be avoided by performing repairs in a timely manner.

Langford encourages homeowners to realise the difference between “as designed” and “as built.” The best designs for energy efficiency may not be constructed that way. The infrared camera is now recognised as one of the latest excellent tools to secure the integrity of building design.

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