Why Invest In Upgrading Your Home Security

Why Invest In Upgrading Your Home Security

Home SecurityHome security has a purpose, but like all forms of investment there are prudent ways to invest and ways to invest that are not so prudent. Home security should be regarded as a comprehensive approach to providing the safety of the home’s occupants, the security of the residence and the protection of valuable personal property. Any home security plan that does not address these three core issues is short-sighted.

Home security improvements do not only apply to investing in a security system. A high, quality, certified security system is a good investment but only accomplishes part of the overall investment. To measure the effectiveness of your investment, the homeowner must measure the short-term assets and the long-term benefits.

While the main reason for investing in home security is to prevent crime, there are other reasons. Smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and flood detection are worthy additional benefits of improving home security.

Carbon Monoxide Detection – Every year a surprising number of people die due to undetected carbon monoxide poisoning. A credible home security system will include devices that alert the homeowners when the silent, odorless gas exceeds acceptable levels. The silent, odorless nature of this treacherous gas makes it very dangerous.

Smoke Detection – When fire strikes, you want to make sure you awaken quickly and have an exit plan. A sound security program will include sprinklers and portable fire hydrants but the most important thing is to get young persons out of the residence. If you are slow to awaken, you may find it too late to escape without injury. Monitored systems and an alarm directly to the proper authorities enable the support personnel to be on site almost before you exit. It’s hard to put a value on that security.

Flood Protection – There are home security systems that have sensors that will react when a pipe has burst or when rising water accumulates to certain levels. Monitored systems alert the homeowner and the monitoring center when the sensors are activated.

Temperature Control – With the right system you will never have to worry about pipes freezing. Today’s security systems have sensors that turn the heat up if the pipes begin to freeze. When pipes freeze, they often burst causing instant flooding and major damage.

Non-safety Advantages of Investing in Home Security

There are several non-safety reasons to invest in improving your home security.

Reduce Insurance – Many insurers in the UK offer between 3 and 15 percent discounts for safety and security improvements to the residence. Over ten years, this can amount to a significant amount of savings.

Increase Value of Property – Home safety is a hot topic with today’s homebuyers. With more than 1.5 million break-ins within the last three years and countless incidents of vandalism, homeowners want to protect their investment. For many UK homeowners, their residence represents their biggest asset. Today’s buyers intend to protect their purchase and view home security and safety as a necessary expense. If the home is already safe and secure, the buyer is willing to pay more.

Average Loss – The average home burglary amounts to approximately £2,000 in merchandise. A surprising number of homes are repeat victims. In many cases, burglaries are for much more significant amounts. Jewelry and art are popular targets but high tech merchandise is certainly marketable on the black market. When you consider your exposure, an investment in home security and safety is worthwhile.

Emotional Advantages of Investing in Home Security

Peace of Mind – If you travel or take vacations, you will enjoy newfound peace of mind after investing in the new security of your residence. It is hard to put a value on this but if you talk to someone at work, the chances are they have been victimised and can describe the horror of returning home finding their house burglarised.

Trauma Prevention – Psychologists have showed that intruders can cause trauma to burglarized victims even if they victims are not home at the time of the theft. Many victims require years of psychiatric and psychological care. Trauma is crippling to adults but can be paralyzing to children. It is hard to put a value on that protection.

In 2012, an article in Which? Magazine summarised findings from calls to 281 home security system providers. The cost of installing and maintaining a three-bedroom semi was £475 for installation and another £150 per year in maintenance and monitoring , In London, the installation costs were significantly higher for the same unit, about £590.

In addition to selecting a certified home security system, there are other important investments that will further increase your family’s security. If you have not purchased new-age, secure windows and solid steel doors, your home is vulnerable. Outstanding home security requires more than a good security system, definitely an important component of the overall plan. Look into solid steel doors with their secure bolting systems and stainless steel plates and you will be taking a big step in the right direction.


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