Press Release: London-Based Office Refurb Firm Bring Fresh Approach

Press Release: London-Based Office Refurb Firm Bring Fresh Approach

7 Interiors Office Design

There are plenty of inner-city offices that are grey, dull, and unimaginative. This is not conducive to high productivity or quality of work. Nobody enjoys spending 8+ hours per day in an environment with no vibrancy and no natural light. This is why London-based office refurbishment firm 7 Interiors have decided to encourage more and more businesses in the UK capital to invest in creating a fresh working environment.

Their focus is on fitting office interiors that have colour, vibrancy, and are full of natural light. Natural sunlight is scientifically proven to increase positivity and productivity, so 7 Interiors offer many office designs with bespoke glass partitions – created especially to allow natural light to flood the workspace.

Being based in London, there are many challenges to facer when designing office space. There are all sorts of architectural considerations to take into account, but 7 Interiors pride themselves in

For more information about 7 Interiors and the office refurbishment and interior design services they provide, visit their website at:

Or call them on: 0207 448 5243


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