Air Conditioning vs. Open Windows

Air Conditioning or open windows?Air Conditioning vs. Open Windows

Not long ago, air conditioning was considered an amenity reserved for the wealthy. Today, air conditioning is all around us; in our cars, offices and homes. The heavy reliance on air conditioning has naturally caused homeowners and businesses to evaluate the benefits of air conditioning and the benefits of open windows.

Benefits of air conditioning:

  • Air conditioning allows the residence or building to maintain comfortable levels throughout.
  • Air conditioning reduces the amount of humidity in the home and relieves the stickiness from UK summers.
  • Air conditioning allows the door and window of the home to be closed and locked thus improving overall security.
  • Air can be circulated to trap dust and pollens in filters and can offer great relief to persons suffering from allergies.
  • Air conditioning improves performance at home and at work.
  • Air conditioning can stimulate and encourage physical and mental activity.
  • There is less risk of dehydration in air conditioned homes and buildings.
  • Sir conditioning provides excellent defense against a number of external allergens.

Persons in air conditioned homes tend to sleep easier and more solidly than persons without air conditioning.

These are recognized benefits of air conditioning systems. Today’s air conditioning units and systems are more advanced than systems from previous generations. Today’s systems use specially designed filtering systems and incorporate terrific designs for cross ventilation that can help control costs and operate with high efficiency. Air conditioning has greatly benefitted from full-system technological advancements in design and operation.

Advantages of Open Windows

Without question, the biggest advantage of open windows in the home is fresh air. However, with that fresh air come several risks, including increased levels of allergens and insects that can enter the house. Then again, there is the element of unopened door and windows that are easy to penetrate.

But, fresh air is an excellent deterrent for the Sick Building Syndrome or air that has been trapped in a residence or building for extended periods, like the long UK winters. The main threat of Sick Building Syndrome is carbon dioxide.

Fresh air and open windows allow existing odors to be circulated and removed from the house. Pet odors, cigarette smoke and stale odors are forced out of the residence by the influx of fresh air and air current. This can be challenging in the hot UK summers but in the spring and fall, there is merit to freshening the home or office.

Air conditioning is not a statement against the value of fresh air. Air conditioning is used to provide a stable air flow that is cool and pleasing to the body and the mind.

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