New Colouring Process For Metals

Real Metal is making a comeback in new interior and exterior design schemes. Once revered for its durability and strength, metal accessories for interior and exterior design are becoming a choice of many architects and designers.

In the past, working with metal was costly and often left a neutral impression on buyers. But, a new process and new technology have come together to point to an expansion of metal uses by building designers and interior decorators.

A new process allows that metals can be treated in cold liquid form to add bespoke metal effects. This process will apparently be as effective with paper and concrete applications as it is for metals.

Inventor Speaks

Brian Eatwell, of Metail-FX, is the inventor of the process and is ecstatic with the potential. “You can choose from dozens of pure metals and alloys, then choose a different texture, colour, and have it finished in a manner totally unique to you. We can coat a huge range of materials including sheet and prefabricated metals, wood, MDF, plaster, plasterboard, glass, fibreglass, concrete, paper, plastic, polystyrene, fabric with a solid veneer of cold spray metal. Our specialist area is really bespoke metallic finishes.

We’ve already had some amazing opportunities to show what this system can do including for the shop frontage of the world’s most famous department store, and props for major Hollywood films such as Harry Potter. We’ve also worked on artworks, sculptures and furniture inside some incredible properties. This system is so versatile it can work anywhere from the largest to the smallest projects and the results are amazing – stunning finishes in real metal.”

Usually the system is applied to product at the job site.

The system is currently being used to create amazing metal effects in;

  • Bathrooms
  • Office space
  • Retail spaces
  • Reception areas
  • Shop fronts
  • Tiled surfaces of swimming pools

However, the future used of this process are mindboggling. Don’t be surprised to see striking building fronts and interior spaces that feature coloured metals in panels or as well as in trim.

Eatwell can produce the materials in his location or through portable equipment at the customer’s site. While the company is manufacturing certain products now, the future for big construction projects is very bright.

One of the benefits of this application is that the finish and the metal itself has a long shelf life, be it as a storefront or a building front. The addition of colour can be described as the creation of the beauty and the beast.


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