Choosing The Right Paint

There is more to selecting the ideal paint than choosing the right colour. Like every other purchase, the consumer should do a little research before buying products that will be contribute to the home or work environment. There are high quality paints and there are paints where price is more important than quality.

Obviously budget constraints must be recognized. But, choosing the correct paint can be the difference between re-painting every other year and not worrying about it for five or more years. The highest quality paints have low VOC ratings and are durable.

Is it durable?

Durability is a key concern. If the paint is used in an office environment, it will be subjected to the everyday operations that may call for an anti-marking additive and be washable. If the paint will be used in a playroom, anything can happen and being washable is a big priority. However, if the paint is for a living room, anti-marking additives may not be as important as the consistency paint. Typically, homeowners want living area paints that emphasize the appointments of the room.

For the exterior of a house or commercial building, paints must be weather resistant. The ability of the paint to withstand heat, cold, rain or snow for five years or more is the biggest consideration. In commercial properties, the functionality of the paint is the biggest concern.

Will it add value to the property?

Making the correct selection can not only enhance the value of your home or building but can also reduce the carbon footprint and improve the work or home environment. Another way to look at the importance of your decision is that the choice you make will affect the property value and the health of the occupants.

Paints have four basic materials; solvents, additives, binder and pigments. Different manufacturers use varying materials to create the end product. The consumer should select paints that do not have heavy metals or other toxic ingredients. Buyers should always check the VOC levels. The ingredients in the paint and the VOC level are provided on the manufacturer’s label. Always read the labels before purchasing. If your painter wants to use a specific paint, find out why and read the labels. It is your property, not the painters. Do not compromise on the quality of paint to appease the painter.

Some manufacturers have not adapted the new Green Seal standards. For residential use, the Green Seal standards are excellent. In selecting the best paint for your home or building, be practical but not at the expense of safety and environmental impact.


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