OFT and Home Repairs and Improvement

A report from the Office of Fair Trading, “Home Repairs and Improvement”: A research Report by TMS BMRB and copyrighted in December 2011, explains the demand and trends of UK homeowners during the years 2010 and 2011. Residents of the UK have been spending more than £27 billion annually on a wide range of home improvements, including maintenance and general and specific repairs.

This report induces external and internal physical improvements and includes plumbing, kitchens and bathroom remodeling as well as decorating, roofing, heating and cooling and encompasses other services designed to specifically improve the property and increase property value.

The data in this report help government and the construction industry estimate the volume of work to be performed on improvement in the residential sector as well as the number of employees needed to fulfill customer demands. For purpose of this report, residential properties that are rented out as income producing properties are included.  The report also includes the green energy trends and completed work.

Consumer Direct Fielding and Recording Complaints

The report clearly indicates the need for stricter consumer protection. In 2011, 70,000 complaints were registered with Consumer Direct by persons contracting home improvements. There were another 15,000 complaints specifically registered for the hot trend in window glazing and general energy protective glazing.

The report was authorized by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and was assigned to TNS-BMRB with the purpose of conducting a multi-faceted study of the home repair and home improvement industry. The data was to be shared with the business and consumer communities. The goal was to provide these areas of the economy with an understanding of the demand, the supply and the challenges faced by the industry, the consumer and the provider. The recession has hit the construction industry extremely hard.

Contractor Behaviour Patterns Reviewed

The study considered both the quantities of work and established parameters to evaluate the quality of the work. Researchers were obliged to talk with consumers and providers alike. The study anlaysed behavior patterns and outcomes of numerous projects throughout Britain and Wales.

Researches were successful in identifying everything from supply issues to quality of work and best practices. The report concentrated on identifying the precise services providers perform in the line of home improvements. Interesting data was also gathered regarding how homeowners selected their providers. This information has been useful for consumer protection agencies and activists.

The study also reflects that green energy is an industry whose strength grows every year. It is alarming that the number of licensed green energy providers is far below market demand. The time has come for green energy providers to enter the 21st century.


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