Can The UK Develop Internal Green Technology?

In early November 2006, green energy supporters in the UK staged the biggest march in history in efforts to sway government’s resistance to converting the country electrical power source to renewable energy sources by 2030. This was a serious gathering of a serious and committed group of people from virtually every sector of the economy. The event was entitled Stop Climate Change and brought together the widest coalition of organisations on record min the fight against climate control. More than 40 organisations ranging from Greenspace to Surfers Against Sewage to Friends of the Earth, Oxfam and the Ramblers’ Association.

Climate change, alternative energy and renewables sourcing have become mainstream items in the hearts and minds of the voting public. More than half of Britons support increasing taxes to develop and implement technology that will reduce carbon emissions. 40 percent of these committed persons believe the energy policy of a party will greatly influence their vote. As evidenced by the turnout, the green energy lobby is expansive and vocal.

Government Knows Risk of Undeterred Climate Change

Shortly after this demonstration of unity, Foreign Secretary, Margaret Becker, addressed climate change in Delhi. The Secretary said that climate change would cause drought, rising sea levels and devastate crop yields. Furthermore, she warned that millions would have to flee their homes if the global temperature continues to rise.

Here we are, six years later and the talks are still ongoing. In truth there are more indications from government that they will pullback from some of the key green energy programs that have been designed and previously supported by government.

Time For Voters To Act

Voter and government address this issue in different ways. Government sees an economy mired in a prolonged and fragile recovery. Voters see energy policy as a serious reason to vote for one party or one individual. Voters see energy as a means to add jobs, cut carbon emissions and as an industry that the UK could assume a leadership role in playing.

Voters view green energy as opportunity and an investment in the future of the planet. Government sees risk with little return on investment. China is the global leader in green energy sourcing. The UK is the largest energy consumer in the world.

Germany is serious about renewable energy on every level. Liquid hydrogen fueling stations and windmills and solar panels are being installed and developed every day. Is this one more area that Britain will succumb to importing technology that we could easily develop on our own? Going green is the responsible thing to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “We’re green and UK technology got us there?”


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