New Housing Complex In Westminster

The City of London will derive many benefits from its newest senior citizen initiative, the CityWest Homes a project authorized by the Westminster City Council at Lisson Grove, London. The Westminster Council has set high standards for what will be a safe and stylish housing solution for the increasing number of elders that reside in and around London. The project is designed for a functional maximum occupancy rate that can be easily accomplished.

The Housing for an Ageing Population Panel for Innovation (HAPPI) has designed the property with the assumption that residents of Penn House and Lisson Grove will be accommodated. HAPPI has strict compliance specifications.

Multi-Dimensional Facility

The new project will have 90 flats, 6,000 square metres of healthcare space and community facilities. The scheme also includes office space and 1,300 square metres of enterprise space. A children’s nursery area is also in the plans.

This will be a full-service senior residency facility. The London-based mae architectural firm has been chosen to draw plans and oversee the construction. The project will help breathe some life into the UK’s dismal construction history since 2008. One of the hardest hit employment sectors has been construction.

The adult housing complex will begin construction at the end of this year. It will be completed in two separate stages.

The Westminster Housing Renewal Strategy of March 2010 sets certain goals that must be met:

  • Increase the supply and quality of affordable housing for seniors.
  • Meet the community’s immediate and future senior housing needs.
  • Housing for families must be available.
  • The plans must improve the environmental quality of the community.


  • There must be generous allocations for green space and open space.
  • Housing must deploy low energy internal systems.


  • There must be safety considerations.


  • Community facilities must be top drawer with diverse options.
  • The complex should yield significant economic benefits for the City or Westminster.
  • Westminster will implement training programs for the residents of the immediate community.

An important goal will be a challenge for the architects. City planners call for the complex to create a more distinct sense of neighborhood and gradually transition the new buildings to the existing neighborhood. Blending in with Westminster’s historical streets is no easy task for a project of this magnitude.

The architects will deploy rustic tools like cobblestone and slate to ease the transition. Westminster’s historic estates are will provide an interesting backdrop for this state-of-the-art complex.


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