Sustainable Energy in the UK: Striking the hammer while the iron is hot!

The UK’s sustainable energy train is on track and continues to race full speed ahead. If it maintains its current progressive course we shall definitely achieve the objectives spelt out in the UK Renewable Energy Road Map of 2011. Currently, the UK government has provided a long list of incentives to the commercial and domestic sectors so as to encourage the uptake of sustainable energy solutions. The Green Deal, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Renewable Obligation Scheme are some of the incentives available to power producers and consumers who take up green energy solutions.
These incentives have been provided so as to ensure the UK achieves the milestones and targets set in the 2011 road map. A recent report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change indicated a 42% growth in the output of sustainable energy in 2012. This rapid growth of the green energy sector is no doubt good news to all who understand the benefits of sustainable power. However, there is a something that a lot of people seem to have missed as we celebrate this rapid growth.
As the government gets closer to achieving its targets in the area of sustainable energy, it will have little reason to keep the incentives in place. Most of the incentives being offered by the government are subject to the achievement of certain goals. Once these goals are achieved, these incentives will be revised or discontinued. Considering the fast pace of uptake currently being witnessed in the UK, most of these sustainable energy incentives may not be here with us for too long.
If you are hoping to take advantage of the great incentives already in place you need to act fast. Talk to a reputable sustainable energy solutions provider and find out how you can take advantage of the incentives while they are still in place. Strike the hammer while the iron is hot or you might find yourself overtaken by events because you chose to wait a few more months.


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