UK Based Heppelthwaite Expand in to Green Technologies


Heppelthwaite, part of the Evans group, have extensive history working in the area of gas and plumbing installation, maintenance and repair. To meet the ever increasing consumer demands for sustainable energy, they have now expanded in to the area of Green Technology, including Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, and energy efficient heating systems.

Their new Green Division is called Eveco, and specialises in providing green energy solutions for their already large customer base, as well as opening up a completely new market to the established group. The division combines Heppelthwaite and the Evans group’s wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise.

With MCS approval, Eveco’s Solar and Heat Pump installations meet government feed-in tariff requirements, making the use of their services an attractive prospect for consumers wanting to earn money back on their home’s sustainability systems.

As well as the government’s feed-in tariff, Eveco’s installations are also applicable for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Launched in late 2011, it is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat.

To find out more about the Evans Group expansion in to the Green Technology market, please visit the Heppelthwaite website:

Unit 5, Jacksons Industrial Estate
Wessex Road
Bourne End


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