Floor To Ceiling Interior and Exterior Sliding Doors

The newest trends in interior design for 2013 are not so new. It looks like pastel colors and light hues will dominate fabrics and accessories this year. There will be a shift to recycled materials and a shift to space building tools. Goods and floor plans that make not so big areas look larger than they are will be in great demand.

This design can be best accomplished by environmentally efficient floor to ceiling, sliding glass doors. Designers are working with other classic sliding doors or contemporary sliding doors. Both serve the same purpose; when rooms are not in use or when trying to reduce energy costs they can be closed but still give the impression that the rooms separated by the door are spacious.

Interior Sliders Made For Urban Living

Interior sliding doors are made for urban living. The lines are clean, the wood frames are distinctive and glass creates the sensation of spaciousness, a hard combination to beat.

The use of mirrored doors is also on the rise. For wardrobe closets or for doors leading to the garage, mirrored doors offer practical and appealing features. The mirrored wardrobe closet door is practical in  that we can see how clothes will fit. The mirrored doors to other rooms or areas add surprising depth to the room. Rather than close the room off, these doors open the rooms and are terrific for picking up the bright colors in the room.

Classic sliding doors usually have white painted trim or oak trim. They are sophisticated but practical. The classic design is renowned for its sophisticated appearance.

Conversion Is Easy

Converting space to a series of sliding doors is not a big undertaking. Your designer will know the best products and the best installers. Whatever your application, today’s doors can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

In terms of energy preservation, interior sliding doors allow businesses and homes to partition the rooms off so when not in use the room temperature can be reduced. Today’s high tech doors have excellent insulation qualities.

This year interior designers will implement new, fantastically creative lighting accessories to their plans. Glass doors can capture the new lighting plans and extend them into multiple rooms.

Regardless where you expect to use new doors, you should do some shopping. There are many grades and many styles of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that can aesthetically pleasing. Measure your spaces and contact an interior designer for recommendations.


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